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Need a fun activity to do with the kiddos on Father’s day? Grab this FREE Printable and enjoy the answers they come up with. Dad will be delighted to receive such a endearing gift!

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Kids say the funniest things! Even more so when it’s about the special adults in their life. Recently my 3 year old came home with a little worksheet labeled “My Dad” that his teacher had completed at school. The answers were so endearing, not to mention super funny!

For example, “I love Dad more than how tall he is”. What does that even mean??! or “My dad’s job is in another house”. or “My dad always laughs when we go fast in the car”. Anyway, you get the point.

Seriously, my husband and I had such a good laugh out of his answers. It’s almost like we got a little glimpse into my 3 year old’s perception of what he thinks of my husband. And I just can’t get enough!

So… I just HAD to create another one for him for Father’s Day to gift to my husband.


In this fun and easy kid’s activity, there are a total of 8 fill-in-the blanks for kids to answer. If your kid is school-aged, they can fill it out themselves. Otherwise, you can simply ask your child the question and write the answers in for them. Both ways are equally fun. You will really be surprised with what they come up with!


Father's Day Printable colored version

Here are the questions on the worksheet:

  • My dad loves to
  • He is so strong he can
  • His favorite food is
  • His Superpower is
  • My dad laughs when
  • I think my dad is the BEST when he
  • My favorite thing to do with my dad is
  • But MOST OF ALL, I love dad because

This PRINTABLE PDF Worksheet Is available in the FREE MindyMakes RESOURCE LIBRARY. It is listed under the letter “F” as “Father’s Day Printable”. The file is in PDF format and all you have to do is download and print. As easy as that!

I’ve also included a colored version as well as a black and white version for kids to color if they want to. Totally up to you which version you want to print!

Father's Day Printable Colored and black and white versions

FUN Father’s Day PRINTABLE Activity For Kids

I think it would be such a great idea for the kids to fill this out every single father’s day! That way, you can compare their answers from the years before to see what has changed and what hasn’t. The “date” section at the end is exactly for that purpose!

I think it will also be equally fun for the kids to review what they wrote in previous years as well. They may also wonder about some of the answers they put in the past as they grow older.

Here are a few ideas for how to print and store this keepsake:

  • Print on regular paper and store in clear binder sheets
  • Print on card stock and store in a folder
  • Print, laminate and store in a folder
  • Punch holes in the laminated sheets and store in a binder
  • Print and laminate and let dad bring to work to put up at the office
Free Father's Day Printable for kids to fill out


I really love how this father’s day gift is SO easy to construct yet super meaningful as well. It’s sure to bring a smile to dad’s face! My husband often wonders what goes on inside a toddler’s mind. Well, now he gets a little glimpse. I myself am super curious how my 3 year old will answer too!

Would also love to hear some of the answers your kiddos put about their dads. Leave a comment below.

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