Decorative Toilet Paper Cover

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30min – 1 Hour

During college, my roommate learned from a magazine to wrap toilet paper rolls in tissue paper for decor, and she ended up wrapping every single roll of toilet paper we had. Til this day (10+ years out of college), I still wrap extra toilet paper with tissue paper when home decor mood strikes (unfortunately there are many days when it’s survival mode), and I have to admit it really looks so much better!

The only problem is I feel like it’s so wasteful to toss the tissue paper away after wrapping the toilet paper, and I end up rewrapping another toilet paper roll with the same tissue paper, but eventually the tissue paper just tears and need to be tossed anyway. One day I was trying to “rewrap” yet another roll of toilet paper with old tissue paper, and thought “argh I NEED something more durable!” which lead to “maybe I can use fabric instead…” that’s how this toilet paper roll cover came about! This project is quick and easy, uses mitered corners, and makes a great gift for anyone into home decor. I actually ended up gifting the set shown in the photos to a friend (photos were taken at her house), and people seem to be quite amazed at “pretty” toilet paper. Since the project is so easy, I already have a few other friends in mind to gift this to.

This toilet paper roll cover is for a Kirkland brand Toilet paper roll. See notes for how to make a cover that fits your toilet paper.

Sewing Velcro to Toilet Paper Roll Cover


1 1/4 Yard of Fabric makes 4 Covers (I used this)
Matching Thread
1/2″ wide Velcro (1.5″ Strip for one cover, so 6″ for 4 covers)


Sewing machine with zigzag stitch options
Fine Pins
Fabric Scissors
Sewing needles


LEFT: Measurements of the Kirkland roll
RIGHT: Measure your own toilet paper and use formula to determine how big to cut your fabric. Depending on how wide/long the cardboard roll inside the toilet paper is, you may want to add less than my estimated 15.5″ to determine how tall to cut the fabric. This is because the longer the fabric is above and below the toilet roll, the more volume of fabric needs to be stuffed into the center cardboard roll.


Cutting Fabric for Toilet Paper Roll Cover

LEFT: Cut a piece of fabric 20”x 18”
MIDDLE: Mark 1/2” around fabric
RIGHT: Red lines indicate 1/2”mark

Folding edges and drawing line to sew Toilet Paper Cover
  1. Fold up and finger press bottom 1/2”
  2. Fold and finger press right 1/2”. Take note of fabric corner (red arrow) and corner where folded fabric meets (white arrow)
  3. Place ruler on bias (45 degrees diagonal) of corner so that markings on ruler (green line) passes through fabric corner (red arrow) and corner where folded 1/2” fabric meets (white arrow)
  4. Draw a line where ruler intersects fabric with chalk (yellow line)
Sewing Mitered Corner Toilet Paper Roll Cover
  1. Chalk line (indicated by yellow line) Note where chalk line ends at fabric edge (red arrows).
  2. Pinch fabric corner at midline so the ends of chalk line meet.
  3. Fold fabric corner in half
  4. Pin in place.
Cutting Mitered Corner Toilet Paper Roll Cover

LEFT: Stitch the chalk line (white dotted line)
MIDDLE: Trim excess corner off to 1/8” of stitch line
RIGHT: View of trimmed corner

Triming and turning Mitered Corner Toilet Paper Roll Cover

LEFT: Snip upper edge of trimmed corner
MIDDLE: View after snip
RIGHT: Turn fabric to right side, using scissors to help push out the corner.

Sewing Fabric Edges of Toilet Paper roll Cover

LEFT: Press corner with steam.
MIDDLE: Repeat process for all three fabric corner
RIGHT: Stitch around entire toilet paper cover at 1/8”from inside edge of mitered corner (shown in red dotted line, but use appropriate colored thread for your fabric)

Sewing Velcro to Toilet Paper Roll Cover
Sew Velcro on. To wrap the toilet paper roll, place toilet paper on middle of cover and close the velcro. Gently stuff excess fabric on top and bottom of toilet paper into the center cardboard roll.
Finished Toilet Paper Roll Cover

Finished! Now your rolls of toilet paper won’t look so naked and bare in your bathroom. You can also choose fabric that will match your bathroom decor as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you made this. Happy sewing 🙂

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