Finished DIY Baby Hooded Towel

How to Make a Kid’s Hooded Towel with a Store-Bought Bath Towel

Learn how to make this easy lined hooded towel for kids, toddlers, and infants! Make it unique by adding ears or appliqués. Great as baby shower and birthday presents that will last for years to come!

Difficulty: Easy
30-45 Minutes for basic hooded towel, more if adding ears and other details

I LOVE hooded towels. If you have a toddler who loves to run away as soon as he’s out the shower, you know what I mean. The hooded towel keeps his head warm and doesn’t just fly off as soon as he starts running. Furthermore, kids look SO adorable in them (especially when the hooded towel is made into a little critter) . And the best part? These hooded towels are SO quick and easy to make! I’ve made quite a few of these with different characters for friends and family’s kids. They are just such a practical gift!

What Supplies do I need to make a Hooded Towel?

Basic Materials:

Other Materials/Tools

  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger
  • Fine Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery Floss and sewing needle (optional) – if wanting to add other details

What is the Size of a Baby Hooded Towel?

For the Infant/Toddler size, we will cut a bath towel (approximately 30” x 54”) in half lengthwise. Half of it is used to make the hood portion, and the other half is for the body. The body part measures 30” wide and 26” long. The finished hood measures 13”wide and 7” tall.

Diagram showing size of baby/toddler size hooded towel. How to make Hooded Towel for Kids Tutorial

The diagram above shows finished measurements. This size actually fits a toddler the best, as my toddler has had one since birth and he looked like he was swimming in it during those early infant days. However, given how quickly they grow, I think this size is good for babies just because it will last them longer.

What is the Size of a Kid Hooded Towel?

For the Kid Size Hooded towel, the body part is made from an entire bath towel (approximately 30” x 54). The hood part measures 13” wide and 7” tall.

Diagram with Measurement of Kid Size Hooded Towel. How to Make Hooded Towel for Kids Tutorial.

The above diagram shows finished measurements. This is a good size for children 4 and up and will last them for many years to come!

Do I need to Pre-wash the Towels Prior to Sewing?

You do not need to pre-wash the towels prior to sewing. If you are planning to give these hooded towel away as gifts, I definitely don’t recommend washing them first. Otherwise the towels won’t look “new” anymore.

However, you can pre-wash the hooded towels prior to using. Depending on the brand and type of towel you use, some of them may leave a furry residue on the body initially after use. I’ve found this to be especially true for dark towels. Within one or two washes, the towel should stop leaving this residue.

How Do You make a Lined Hooded Towel?

The pattern for this basic hooded towel is partially self-lined (self-lined means that it’s lined with the same fabric) on the front side of the hood. You can definitely line the back of the hood if you like. However, I don’t find this to be necessary if you choose thick and good quality bath towels. The thickness of the towel itself is sufficient to dry wet heads and will also be super comfy.

How do You Make a Hooded Towel?

For this tutorial, we will be making a baby/toddler sized hooded towel.

First, cut the bath towel in half lengthwise. You will end up getting two pieces that measure approximately 30″ (76.2cm) wide and 27″ (68.6cm) length.

How to Cut Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces

Laying Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces on Bath Towel. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Take the half piece of bath towel and lay it so the 27″ length edge is facing you. Fold bottom side of towel 10″ up and pin HEAD BACK pattern and wrong side of HEAD FRONT pattern on fold.

Laying Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces on Bath Towel. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Fold top side of bath towel down 10″ and place HEAD FRONT pattern on fold. Make sure HEAD FRONT pattern on top side of towel doesn’t touch/overlap the pattern pieces on the bottom.

Cutting Out Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces. How to Make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Cut out pattern pieces on bottom half of towel

Cutting Out Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces. How to Make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Cut out HEAD FRONT pattern piece (and EARS pattern, if making) on fold.

Serge around edge of all pattern pieces. Alternatively, you can zig-zag stitch around the edges.

Hood Front and Hood Lining Piece. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

For the HOOD FRONT pattern piece, you will have cut out two of the exact same pattern pieces on the bath towel. One piece will be HOOD FRONT and the other piece will be HOOD LINING.

How to Make Hooded baby kid toddler Towel. Sewing Hood front pieces together

Stitch HOOD FRONT and HOOD LINING pieces right sides together at 1/2″ seam allowance (indicated by black dotted line).

Shows Hood Front and Hood Lining Piece sewn together, opened up to wrong side of fabric and top stitched. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Pull HOOD LINING piece down from behind and make sure the seam allowances are also pointing down. Stitch seam allowances down (red dotted line) to HOOD LINING. This stitch is also called a Top Stitch. The Top stitch sews the seam allowance to the lining to prevent the seam allowance from rolling to the HOOD FRONT during regular use of hooded towel.

Shows Hood Front and Hood Lining sewn together with red dotted line indicating top stitch done on hood lining. View of Right side of fabric. How to make Kids baby toddler hooded towel Tutorial

Flip to the right side of the fabric. Red dotted line indicates where the Top stitch was sewn.

How to make Hooded Baby Toddler Kid Towel Front of Hood lined

Turn HOOD LINING to the back of HOOD FRONT and baste together around the top curve.

How to Add Ears to a Hooded Towel

At this point, if you want to add ears to the hooded towel to create an animal or a character, this is the step you would do it. If you want to add other details such as eyes, nose, whiskers, etc, make sure to have it done already.

For a complete tutorial of the hooded towel shown in this tutorial, please check out How to Make a DIY Unicorn Hooded Towel

Pinning ears to hood. How to make Kids baby toddler Hooded Towel
Pinning ears to hooded towel

Pin ears to front of the hood, right sides together.

Placing Hood Back Piece over Hood Front Piece. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel
Hood Back Piece pinned to Hood Front Piece. How to make Kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Place HOOD BACK piece over ears and [HOOD FRONT + LINING] piece. and pin together.

Stitching Hood Front to Hood Back. How to make kids Baby Toddler Hooded Towel

Photo above shows the hood flipped around to the other side for a better view. Stitch at 1/2″ seam allowance around hood (black dotted line)

Finished Hooded Towel for Kids Baby Toddler

Turn hood to right side and you should end up with something like this!

How to Sew Hood to Bath Towel

Sewing hood to towel, matching at midpoint. Middle of hood is approximately 6.5" away from edge of hood.

Match midpoint of hood to midpoint of bath towel and pin.

Stitching Hood to Bath Towel. How to make Kids Toddler Baby Hooded Towel

Stitch hood to towel at 1/2″ seam allowance (black dotted line), right sides together.

Stitching towel edge down, indicated by black dotted lines. How to make DIY kid baby toddler hooded towel tutorial

Finish edge of towel by folding top edge down 1/2″ and stitching (black dotted line) from left side to right side.

Finished! Wasn’t that easy?

Other Hooded Towel inspirations:

  • Make a Mickey Mouse Hooded Towel using a black bath towel and adding Mickey ears to the hood.
  • Make a Yoda Hooded Towel using a Sage Green bath Towel for the hood part, and a Cream Colored Towel for the body. I found the perfect Yoda Ears Patterns here.

Grab it here: Basic Hooded Towel Pattern (available in my free resource library)

Don’t forget to pin this image and save it for later!

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