Free Printable Calendar for Kids – Dated and Undated (2024-2025)

This free printable coloring calendar is a great way for preschool and kindergarten kids to learn about Days of the Week and Months of the Year. Includes a dated and undated version so kids can practice writing their numbers.

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2024 Printable Calendar for kids Free PDF

How do You Make a Simple Calendar for Kids?

Do you have a preschool or kindergarten child who is always asking “What’s the date today?” or “What month is it?” or “What day is today?”? I sure do!

Ever since we started school, that question gets asked multiple times a week, sometimes every single day!

So, I decided it was time my son have his own little calendar to keep up with the date and month himself. Hence, I created this simple calendar that is perfect for the kiddos to personalize with markers, crayons, or coloring pencils.

To make this simple calendar, all you have to do print and use. It’s really as easy as that!

Is there a Free Printable Calendar?

Yes there is! This free printable calendar is black and white and comes in two versions: a dated version and an undated version that lets you write-in the dates.

Additionally, each month of the calendar comes with a simple graphic related to the theme of the month. Kids can color in the graphic and draw their favorite things to decorate their calendar. I already know my son will be drawing cars all over his calendar as that is his favorite thing!

2024 Kid's printable calendar with dates
blank kid's printable calendar

Calendar Preschool Printable

I recommend printing the undated one for older preschoolers and up who are learning to write their numbers. That way, they get a chance practice numbering their calendar, starting on the correct day of the week. This is also a great opportunity to let kids practice writing within the lines (the calendar boxes).

Otherwise, print the dated version and you are all set to go!

Both versions let kids color in the month of the year at the top. This helps them to practice their letters as well as learn to write and spell the month of the year.

I really like the Ultra Clean Crayola Fine Line Markers as they come in a variety of colors and are 100% washable. I also find that their size (fine line) is perfect for writing in numbers and coloring in the graphics and letters when you print the calendars on letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper.

How do I Print a Simple Calendar?

In order to print this simple calendar, you will need to first download the PDF file. All our resources are available in the Free MindyMakes Library. You will receive a password to the library once you subscribe.

Please allow up to an hour for the welcome email to fly through cyberspace and travel into your inbox. If you still don’t receive the email, make sure to check your junk or spam folders and add my email to your safe list!

Need more help? Be sure to check out this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the PDF.

If you need additional help, please check out this step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the free printable calendar.

Please note that the Printable Calendar for Kids is listed under section “C” of the MindyMakes library.

how to download PDF files from the MindyMakes library

Printable Tracing calendar For Kids

Looking for a printable calendar with dashed numbers that the kids can trace? The Printable Tracing Calendar is available for purchase in our shop.

2024 printable tracing calendar for kids

Each month of the tracing calendar also comes with adorable graphics related to the theme/season of the month. Kids will have a blast personalizing their calendar with colors to show their own style.

Additionally, the tracing calendar also comes with a 12 month set of dated calendar as well.

2024 Printable dated calendar for kids

That way, you can have a set ready to use as well as one for practicing writing numbers. Grab yours today!

MORE Printable Preschool calendars

For our bilingual kids, there is also a Spanish as well as a Mandarin Traditional Chinese version available. Each 12 month calendar is adorned with the same fun graphics in black and white for kids to color. The month and days of the week are written in either Spanish or Traditional Chinese, depending on the version you choose.

Spanish tracing calendar
Traditional mandarin Chinese tracing calendar

Both the Spanish and Mandarin calendars come with a dated version, a tracing version, as well as a blank version. The blank version does not include the year at the top, and thus can be used year after year!

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