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First Day of School Signs (Free Printable)

Snap a photo of the kids with this adorable sign to mark their first day of school! Available from Preschool to High school, this printable will document this special day. All you have to do is print and use!

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I’ve always thought those first day of school signs were such an adorable photo memory. Those amazing looking chalkboard signs with beautiful lettering with information such as “school name”, “teacher name”, “what I want to be when I grow up” You get the idea.

However, being a last minute mama, I usually don’t remember to do these things until….the night before school starts *face palm*. Then I’m scrambling around for something quick and easy before the clock strikes an obscene hour and mama needs her sleep before she’ll turn into a wicked witch the next day.

Kindergarten Signs First Day

So…because I know I’m not the only last minute mama, I’ve created these easy-to-print first day of school signs. All you have to do is download and print the sign you want. This way, you can easily head off to bed at your regular hour and still snap your mandatory first day of school photo the next day.

Or…print the sign in the morning of and use it right before school!

For those of you who want to document a little bit more, I’ve also created another version which includes teacher’s name(s), school name, child’s age, and what they want to be when they grow up.

black and white printable first day of school sign

In addition, both versions are available in colored as well as black and white. Kids can decorate their own sign by coloring in the pictures on the sides of the sign.

Choose the version that suits your needs and print that out out.

First day of School Printable Sign

If you don’t already own a colored printer at home, I highly recommend the HP Deskjet Wireless Printer, which has printing, copying, and scanning functions. The BEST part, however is the HP Instant Ink Program which I absolutely LOVE!

In the HP Instant Ink Program, you can print colored (or black and white) pages for a very affordable monthly fee, depending on your printing needs. The most basic plan is 10 pages for 99c per month, and unused prints rollover to the next month!

Once the ink cartridge runs low, HP will send you new cartridge straight to your door so that you never run out of ink. All you pay for is the number of prints you make, not the ink cartridge.

For years I would run to the local print shop for my colored printing needs. However, my local print shop is only open until 5pm daily and not open on the weekends.

What is a desperate mama supposed to do on a Sunday night when she needs something last minute for school on Monday morning? The HP instant ink program has definitely been a life saver and I can’t recommend it more!

First Day of School Sign Printable

Included in this printable are two versions: Version A and Version B

two versions of printable first day of kindergarten sign

Version A has text “First Day of ____________” in the center with an empty banner below to either write the date or the school year.

Version B has “First Day of ______________” on top, with a space below to write your child’s name. Below that are four blanks for you to fill out that include the following prompts:

  • My Teacher
  • My School
  • I am __ years old
  • When I Grow up I want to be

The last thing to fill out on Version B is the date, which is at the bottom left inside the little pencil.

Both Versions A and B are available in the following Options:

  • First Day of Preschool
  • First Day of Kindergarten
  • First Day of Primary School
  • First Day of Grade School
  • First Day of Lower School
  • First Day of Middle School
  • First Day of Junior High
  • First Day of High School
  • First Day of 1st Grade
  • First Day of 2nd Grade
  • First Day of 3rd Grade
  • First Day of 4th Grade
  • First Day of 5th Grade
  • First Day of 6th Grade
  • First Day of 7th Grade
  • First Day of 8th Grade
  • First Day of 9th Grade
  • First Day of 10th Grade
  • First Day of 11th Grade
  • First Day of 12th Grade
first day of preschool sign variations
printable first day of preschool sign variation

You can print this sign every school year to snap a photo memory for the years to come! Moving forward, I definitely plan to take one of these photos every single year so I can look back and see my child’s growth and development (they grow so fast!).

How do I Download First Day of School Signs

To download the First Day of School Printable, subscribe to the MindyMakes Email List to receive the password for the Mindy Makes Free Resource Library.

Please allow up to an hour for the welcome email to fly through cyberspace and travel into your inbox. If you still don’t receive the email, make sure to check your junk or spam folders and add my email to your safe list!

Need more help? Be sure to check out this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the PDF.

First Day of Kindergarten Sign Printable

Once you download the PDF, simply print it out on letter size paper and you are ready to go! For optimum quality, I highly recommend printing with one of the options below (I printed mine on regular paper, and it was a little flimsy and harder to take a nice photo):

  • Print On Cardstockmakes the sign more stiff so it’s easier to hold up for photos (especially if you plan to take photos outside!)
  • Print on Regular Paper and Laminate I recommend the Scotch Thermal Laminator
  • Print on Regular paper and Put into a Photo frameAgain, adds durability to the sign. Also easier for little kids to grab onto a picture frame versus holding a piece of paper.

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