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All About Me Printable Preschool Worksheet (Free PDF)

This All About Me Printable worksheet is a great way for preschool and kindergarten kids to share about themselves. Complete this activity once a year as a fun keepsake to see how your kids grow!

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At the beginning of the school year last year my toddler came home with a sheet of paper titled “All About Me”. This is a worksheet where he (with the help of his teachers) filled out little facts about himself. They included his favorite food, favorite things to do, as well as little self portrait of him and his family.

My husband and I had a good laugh over the answers he had given his teachers. Even our adult guests who came over enjoyed reading his little worksheet that we ended up taping inside our guest bathroom.

So this year, I decided to have him fill out another one of these worksheets as a first day of school activity. It would definitely be a fun way (and memorable keepsake) to see his progression over the years!

toddler filling out his worksheet

FUn and Memorable Worksheet

For my amazing teachers out there, this is a great beginning of school year activity for you to get to know your students. You can fill it out with each student and send it home for the adults to enjoy.

Additionally, this gives you an opportunity to learn about each of your student as you help them fill it out. Additionally, it is a great way for kids to practice answering questions about themselves. Win-Win!

All about me worksheet preschool in black and white

Another way you can use this activity in the classroom is to have the kids sit in a circle and share the answers on their worksheets. This is a fun way for kids to practice speaking up in front of a group and building their confidence.

For the younger kiddos you may have to help them read their answers. However, it is still a good exercise for kids to take turns and practice quiet listening when it’s not their turn. It’s also fun for kids when they hear other kids who also like the same colors or the same activities.

What’s ON the All about me Printable?

The free printable worksheet includes the following questions:

  • My Name is…
  • This is a picture of Me – (includes a blank for kids to draw a photo of themselves.)
  • I am ___ years old
  • My Birthday is
  • My Favorite Color is
  • I Love to eat
  • My Favorite Activities are
Printable worksheet in color and black and white

Additionally, the printable comes in a colored version as well as a black and white version. Both versions are print and ready to use. However, the black and white version gives kids the option to color in the side graphics if they like.

Both versions are available in PDF format for easy printing. Choose the version that best suits your needs.

OTHER Ways TO Enjoy THIS Activity

The most straightforward way to use this worksheet is to simply print it out and fill in the blanks. However other create ways include the following:

  • Use a photo of the child in the “This is a Picture of Me” section instead of drawing it
  • Using the appropriate colored crayon or marker to write in “My Favorite Color is…”
  • Cut out the child’s favorite color on construction paper and let them stick it on the worksheet as the answer
  • Have the child draw a picture of their favorite food instead of writing it out. Or, you could have your child find a photo of their favorite food in a magazine or use stickers.
  • Coloring in the white spaces around the worksheet

Kids are always the most creative when it comes to these things! So let them take the lead.

HOw do I download the Printable PDF?

The ALL ABOUT ME PRINTABLE PDF is available in our Free MindyMakes Resource Library, listed under section “A” as All About Me Worksheet. Subscribe here to get the password.

A completed all about me worksheet with markers and a whale zipper bag on side.

Here’s my toddler’s final product! He wanted to draw two pictures of himself, including him who’s upset (left) and a him who is talking (right). I’m sure your kids will enjoy this activity as much as we did! Leave me a comment below if you’d like to see more of this type of printable!

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