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Happy Father’s Day Handprint Art (Free Printable)

Dads will love this simple yet meaningful Father’s day handprint art. Great project even for very young kiddos to participate!

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Kid’s handprint artwork is simply the best type of gift for special occasions. Not only is it easy for kids (and adults) to make, but it becomes a special keepsake for years to come.

I remember feeling giddy after receiving my son’s first handprint flower art back in preschool. It was love at first sight!

Over the years, my son has come home with may other handprint flower art crafts that I’ve enjoyed and cherished. Every single one. In fact, I loved them so much that I ended up creating a Mother’s Day Handprint Art and a Valentine’s Day Handprint Art right here on the website!

Both those handprint art printables invovle making a handprint flower art and comes with a little poem. They are available for free in the MindyMakesLibrary.

Father’s Day Handprint Craft

This time I wanted to create something special (and a little different) for our amazing dads for father’s day.

#1 dad handprint art

Dads are pretty incredible people, and Father’s day is always a great time to celebrate them! This beautiful father’s day handprint trophy art is created just for that, a simple way to celebrate all the awesome dads out there. You guys are TRULY AMAZING!

Father’s Day Handprint ART PRINTABLE

happy father's day handprint printable

Father’s Day Handprint art printable features a trophy stand at the center with the inscription “#1 DAD”. Right below is the text “Happy Father’s Day” in large, bold font. Then right underneath, in smaller sized font, are the words “You’re the most AMAZING DAD ever!”

Simply paint your child’s palm in gold paint and have them stamp it where the trophy goes. Allow the paint to dry and there! You and your child have have just created a trophy to celebrate the #1 dad in your life.

Additionally, you can have your child sign their beautiful art work (if they are able). And don’t forget to date it so you’ll remember when this art work was made!

Easy Handprint ART

In order to create this simple and fun Father’s Day Handprint Art, you will need the following supplies:

materials needed to make father's day handprint art
  • GOLD PAINT – yellow works too
  • FOAM PAINT BRUSH or REGULAR PAINT BRUSHI used a piece of small foam
  • DISPOSABLE TABLECLOTH – or anything to protect your work surface

How to Make SIMPLE Hand print Craft

  1. First, print out Father’s Day Hand Print Art Printable (Link at bottom of post) on white card stock. Use regular printer paper if you are planning to laminate or frame the artwork at the end. (see optional touches below).
  2. Second, pour out non-toxic paint on a paper plate. I recommend using gold or yellow paint to match the color of the trophy stand.
  3. Next, use a foam brush to evenly paint child’s hand.
  4. Then, help the child make a hand print right above the trophy stand.
  5. Finally, allow hand print to dry and you are done!

Additionally, feel free to have your child sign his/her name at the bottom if they are school-aged. Otherwise, the handprint is a good enough signature!

Don’t forget to date your child’s art print to keep track of when it was made.

Handprint art in two different colors

Both yellow and gold are suitable paint colors to make the handprint. However, if your child prefers another color, by all means. This is their master piece after all!

Optional Touches For Art WORK

Once the paint is dry, you can also frame the printable to give it an extra special touch. If you have multiple children, frame all of their art prints and hang them side by side.

Another option if you don’t want to frame is to laminate the printable and gift as is. You can also punch two holes at the top of the art work and thread a ribbon through so dad can hang it up!

How Do I Download This Free Printable?

To download the Father’s Day Handprint Art Printable, subscribe to the MindyMakes Email List to receive the password for the Mindy Makes Free Resource Library.

Please allow up to an hour for the welcome email to fly through cyberspace and travel into your inbox. If you still don’t receive the email, make sure to check your junk or spam folders and add my email to your safe list!

Need more help? Be sure to check out this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the PDF.

Once inside the library, you will find the printable listed under section ‘F’ as “Father’s Day Handprint Art“. Click on the blue “PDF” button to download.

Happy Father's Day Handprint Art

Father's Day Handprint Art Trophy for Dad Featured image

Wish dad a very happy Father's Day with this one-of-a-kind handprint art. Even very young kids will be able to make this!



  1. Print out your FREE FATHER'S DAY ART PRINTABLE on card stock (see note 1).
  2. Gather all the necessary materials.
  3. Squeeze some gold or yellow paint onto disposable plate.
  4. Use foam brush to dab some paint.
  5. Apply paint evenly to the palm of your child's hand.
  6. Help your child stamp their hand print right above bottom of trophy stand.
  7. Allow hand print to dry and you are done! (see note 2)


Note 1: Alternatively, print on regular paper. Then once the hand print is dry, laminate the artwork for durability.

Note 2: You can also put the handprint art in a photo frame. If you chose to laminate, you can punch two holes at the top and thread a ribbon through so you can hang the art print.

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