“You’re a Cutie” Happy Valentine Free Printable Tag

This Valentine’s Day, swap sugary candy for some healthy and delicious mandarin oranges to keep the cavities away. Free “You’re a Cutie” gift tag adds the perfect touch to your Valentine gift.

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Cutie Valentine Pinterest Image

If you are a paranoid-of-cavities-mom like I am, you’ll totally get this. The anxiety one feels every Valentine’s day when your child comes home with mounds of sugar-laden candy. Not that we never eat candy at home (chocolate is a candy after all…) but we definitely aim for moderation.

My first year as a mom of a preschooler, one of my favorite item in the Valentine gift stash was…you guessed it, a cutie orange! It was simple, healthy, and something that kids love and adults don’t have to worry about.

Needless to say, this was the first treat I let my son enjoy. And he happily gobbled it up in silence!

Valentine Printable

This year, as I contemplated what do bring for the school Valentine gift exchange, cutie oranges immediately popped to mind.

I honestly don’t remember how the cutie my son got a few years back was packaged. However, school wanted us to label our gifts with our name. Therefore, I created a “You’re a Cutie” tag to send along with the gift.

You're a Cutie Printable Valentine

This free valentine printable tag comes with a picture of a cute little orange. Next, the text reads “You’re a Cutie” and “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Finally, there’s a little “FROM: ” section at the bottom so you can write in your child’s name. Each page of the free printable comes with 8 cutie tags. Print as many as you need!

What is a Cutie Orange?

Bag of Cuties orange

I’m sure many of you have seen the red net bags of cute little oranges at your local grocery. They are labeled with a large blue sticker and the words “CUTIES” on top. This item is hard to miss because the oranges just look so cute!

According to the Cuties Website, Cuties are actually the brand name of these sweet, seedless, and easy-to-peel little oranges. Depending on the month of the year, your cuties will either be a clementine or a W Murcott Mandarin.

From November to January, your Cuties will be a clementine. Then, from February to April, your Cuties will be a W Murcott Mandarin. If you’re curious about what a W Murcott Mandarin is, you can read more about it here.

So…back to our Valentine treat. Since we are going to be making these in February, your cuties will be W Murcott Mandarins. Not that it’s super significant…but just in case you wanted to know!


Materials for making cutie valentine gift

For this simple project, you will need the following:

  • “YOU’RE A CUTIE” FREE VALENTINE PRINTABLE – available in the MindyMakes Library. See below for details on how to subscribe and download.
  • CARDSTOCK – to print your Valentine tags
  • CLEAR BAGS – with optional twisty tie
  • CUTIE ORANGES – or any other clementine/mandarin

Cutie Valentine Free PDF Printable

assembled lot of cutie valentine gift

It’s super easy to get a copy of the FREE “You’re a Cutie” VALENTINE PRINTABLE. First, subscribe to the MindyMakes Email List to receive the password for the Mindy Makes Free Resource Library. Next, you will find the printable under section ‘Y’ of the library as “You’re a Cutie” Valentine Printable.

Please allow up to an hour for the welcome email to fly through cyberspace and travel into your inbox. If you still don’t receive the email, make sure to check your junk or spam folders and add my email to your safe list!

Need more help? Be sure to check out this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the PDF.

Need additional help? Check out this guide. I specially made it to show you guys step-by-step how to subscribe, enter the library, and download your PDF.

How To Assemble Cutie Valentine

First, gather all your supplies and cut out each individual Cutie tag.

hole punching free valentine printable

Next, punch a hole in the upper right hand corner of each cutie tag.

tying ribbon around valentine printable

Then, place a cutie in the clear plastic baggie. If your bag comes with twisty ties, use it close the clear bag. Otherwise, use the ribbon to tie a knot to close the bag. Don’t forget to thread your valentine cutie card to the ribbon first.

cutting off excess ribbon

Finally, make a nice bow and cut off the extra ribbon. I like to cut the ribbon at an angle to make it look pretty.

Bows don’t want to behave? Check out this tutorial and jump to section “How to Tie a Perfect Ribbon” to learn step-by-step!

finished cutie valentine gift

Tada! You’re cutie orange valentine favor is done!

group of "you're a cutie" valentine's day gift

Now go and whip up the rest of the cutie favors.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to receive such a cute valentine favor that’s also healthy and delicious?

More Adorable Valentine Tags

Grab this entire set of adorable PRINTABLE Valentine Cards, in my shop. Great with any type of Valentine treats (not just fruits). Download, print, trim and they are ready for use!


How to Make a Cutie Orange Valentine's Gift

How to Make a Cutie Orange Valentine's Gift

Send a healthy and delicious cutie orange for this Valentine's Day gift exchange with this adorable "You're a Cutie" free printable tag.





  1. Print and cut out each individual "You're a Cutie" tag
  2. Write child's name (or have child write it) in the "FROM:" section.
  3. Punch a hole in the upper right corner of each tag.
  4. Place a cutie orange in each clear bag. Optional: If your clear bag comes with twisty ties, you can first close the bag with the twisty tie.
  5. Thread a ribbon through your tag, and tie a knot around clear bag to close.
  6. Make a pretty ribbon and cut off excess.
  7. Repeat for all other cutie gifts.

More Fun DIY for Valentines Day

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A fun heart shape DIY matching activity for toddlers to teach them what Love is.

There cute little strawberry bags are the perfect favor bags.

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