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All About My Mom Printable (Free Worksheet)

A super fun and easy activity for kids to fill out for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and more! A great keepsake for years to come that mom will love!

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A while back my toddler came home with a “All About Dad” questionnaire and it was seriously the cutest little worksheet! The answers he came up with were so hilarious that I ended up creating another one for him to fill out just before Father’s day. Check out the #1 BEST DAD Fathers’ Day Free Printable.


With Mother’s Day around the corner, let the kids in your life fill out this FREE “All About My Mom” worksheet to document their honest and adorable opinions about mom. I really love reading what kids come up with because they are so brutally honest while being super adorable all at the same time.


Black and White Version of All About Mom Worksheet

On this fun All About My Mom Printable, you will find the following questions:

  • My Mom is ____ years old
  • My Favorite thing to do with Mom is….
  • My Mom’s Superpower is:
  • Mom Likes to Eat:
  • Mom is Really Good at:
  • My Mom Always Tells Me:

Additionally, there’s a box where kids can draw a picture of them with mom. Finally, at the bottom of the worksheet there’s a space for kids to sign their name before presenting it to mom.


This PRINTABLE PDF Worksheet Is available in the FREE MindyMakes RESOURCE LIBRARY. It is listed under the letter “A” as “All About My Mom”. The file is in PDF format and all you have to do is download and print. As easy as that!

To make things easier for you, the free printable comes in a Black & White Version as well as a Colored version. The Black & White Version lets kids color in the graphics as well as the text “My Mom” at the center. The Colored Version is also convenient as you can just print and it is ready to be filled out. Print whichever version suits your need!

How to download free printable

First, type in the password that you received from the welcome email to enter the Resource Library. Once you are in, the first thing you will see the index. All the downloads are listed in alphabetical order:

index in mindymakes resource library with letter "A" circled and arrow with text

Next, click on the letter “A” in the index to jump to section A

section "A" in resource library and where to find printable worksheet

Finally, under section “A”, click on “PRINTABLE: All About My Mom Worksheet” and the PDF file will automatically open for you to download.

All About Mom Printable

I think this would be a fun activity for kids to fill out every single year, be it Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday, or another special occasion. That way, you can compare their answers from the years before to see what has changed and what hasn’t. Just don’t forget to write in the date before you store it away!

On the other hand, kids may also have a blast reviewing the worksheets from previous years. As they grow older, they may wonder or laugh over some of the answers they put in their younger days.

Here are a few ideas for how to print and store this keepsake:

  • Print on regular paper and store in clear binder sheets
  • Print on card stock and store in a folder
  • Print, laminate and store in a folder. I love my laminating machine. Use 5 mil for extra durability and 3 mil for regular protection. Otherwise, use these self-adhesive laminating sheets if you don’t have a laminating machine.
  • Punch holes in the laminated sheets and store in a binder
  • Print and laminate and let dad bring to work to put up at the office

A Very Meaningful Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

This is a great activity for kids to do if you are a preschool or elementary school teacher. Your student’s moms will truly enjoy receiving this simple yet meaningful gift. I know as a mom I definitely appreciated these kind of worksheets!

If you are a dad looking for something special for the kids to gift mom, this worksheet is great as well! Send it with a bouquet of flowers or whatever mom fancies, and it doubles as a card from the kids. Win-win!

Finally, if you are a mom like myself and just want to do this activity with your kids, this worksheet is perfect for you too! I’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of little kids. This questionnaire will give you a small glimpse into their thoughts and may surprise you!

I hope you enjoyed this simple little printable worksheet. Leave me a comment if there are other types of printables you want me to create.

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