tooth brushing activity for preschoolers with mouth flap closed and flap opened

Lift-a-Flap Tooth Brushing Activity for Preschoolers (Free Printable)

This adorable tooth brushing activity is a perfect dental activity to teach preschoolers about how to brush their teeth.

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Tooth Brushing Activity for Preschoolers

Good oral hygiene is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is NEVER too early to start teaching kids this super important habit!

We’ve been brushing our son’s teeth since he was about 4 months old. No, he didn’t have any teeth at the time. However, it was mainly to get him used to the habit of getting his teeth brushed daily.

Furthermore, it helps us as parents to establish the (very good) habit of daily brushing his teeth.

In my experience, children are more willing to let you brush their teeth if they also get to brush yours or someone else’s teeth. This is why I created this printable so kids can practice brushing another’s teeth, this time being Mr. Bear.

fun and engaging Dental ACTIVITY For Preschool

Lift a Flap Mr Bear Tooth Brushing Activity with toothbrush and toothpaste cards

This fun activity allows your child (or students) to open Mr. Bear’s mouth and brush his teeth with the toothbrush card. Kids can use the toothpaste card to pretend play squeezing toothpaste onto the brush. Then, they can practice fine motor skills by making circular motions to brush every surface of the tooth.

For more engaging ways to utilize this activity, jump to “Other Ways to Play This Dental Health Activity”

Free Brushing Teeth Printable Activity

This cute little printable activity was created so you can teach kids how to brush their teeth! The printable comes with:

  • 9 TOOTHBRUSHES – in assorted colors

Mr. Bear is easily assembled so kids can lift his mouth open to reveal a set of 20 baby (primary) teeth that they can easily brush.

The 9 different colored toothbrushes lets kids choose their favorite toothbrush color they want to use. You can also have multiple kids each hold their favorite toothbrush and take turns brushing Mr. Bear’s teeth.

Primary (baby) Teeth Facts Sheet

Baby Teeth Facts Sheet. Dental health activities for preschoolers. Tooth brushing activity.

The teeth facts sheet was created so you can explain to preschoolers about the different types of baby teeth and their functions.

Use this facts sheet to teach kids about what incisors, canines, and molars are and what they look like. Next, teach them about what each of the different types of teeth are for (biting, tearing, and grinding). This will help kids understand that all their teeth have a special job. Thus, it’s very important they take care of all their teeth!

How to Download Free Tooth Brushing Activity

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First, in the index of the MindyMakes Resource Library, scroll to the letter “T” and click to jump to that section.

Next, click on “PRINTABLE: Tooth Brushing Activity for Preschoolers”. This will open the PDF printable file for you to download.

Once you have downloaded the file, follow the instructions below to assemble this DIY Activity.

materials & TOOLS

DIY Lift a Flap Mr. Bear Activity materials. Tooth brushing activity for preschoolers. Dental health activities for preschoolers

To make this fun activity, you will need the following:

STEp-by-step: HOW TO Make mr bear dental health preschool activity

First, print everything out on cardstock and cut out Mr. Bear Lift-a-flap and Mr. Bear oral Cavity.

Second, use utility knife and ruler to cut open slits along Mr. Bear’s face (follow the dotted lines).

Third, fold oral cavity in half.

Fourth, use your fingernails to make a crease in the midline of oral cavity

Next, slide Mr. Bear Lift-a-Flap into the slits you just cut earlier.

Tape down the lift-a-flap tabs on the back of printable.

Then, fold up the lift-a-flap at the tabs (Left photo). Next, apply glue to Mr. Bear’s nose and glue it down (Right Photo).

Finally, use glue to stick the oral cavity inside Mr. Bear’s Mouth.

Finished! Mr Bear now has a lift-a-flap mouth which opens into a set of 20 baby teeth that needs to be brushed!

OTHER ways to play this fun dental activity

There are so many ways you can use this Lift-A-Flap Printable to teach kids about their teeth and the importance of good oral hygiene! Some ideas include:

  • Have your child hold the tooth brush and help guide their hands to make little circles as you brush Mr Bear’s Teeth together. Then, have your child repeat the circular motions on their own.
  • Show your child that each surface of the tooth (cheek side, chewing side, and tongue side) must be carefully brushed. Have your child practice by brushing all surfaces of the tooth.
  • Teach your child about the different baby teeth they have: incisors, canines, and molars. Help them identify which teeth are which inside Mr Bear’s mouth. Once they get it down, instruct them to “brush the bottom molars” or “please brush the top incisors”.
  • Advanced Play: For kids who know their lefts and rights, ask them to “brush the top right molars” or “brush the bottom left molars” for more of a challenge
  • Teach your child about the function of each of the teeth types. You can point to one of the teeth (for example incisors) and ask “what do these teeth do?”
  • Finally, to make the activity even more interactive, apply clear packing tape to the inside of Bear’s Mouth. Next, use a washable marker to draw in some “stains” and “yuckiness” onto the teeth. Let children use a real toothbrush with water to brush off the dirtiness. Kids will have a blast cleaning Mr. Bear’s teeth for him.

Mr Bear Teeth Brushing Activity

tooth brushing activity for preschoolers with mouth flap closed and flap opened

Print and make this easy and fun tooth brushing activity to teach kids how to brush their teeth as well as the importance of their dental health.



  1. Print out everything out on cardstock and cut out Mr. Bear Lift-A-Flap and Mr. Bear oral Cavity.
  2. Cut out toothbrush and toothpaste and laminate if you'd like.
  3. Use utility knife and ruler to cut open slits along Mr. Bear's face (follow the dotted lines).
  4. Fold Mr Bear oral cavity in half and use your fingernails to make a distinct crease along the midline.
  5. Slide Mr. Bear Lift-A-Flap into the slits you just cut earlier.
  6. Tape down the Lift-A-Flap tabs on the back of printable.
  7. Fold up the Lift-A-Flap at the tabs so it resembles a mouth that opens and closes
  8. Apply glue to Mr. Bear's nose on the Lift-A-Flap and glue it down to Mr Bear Printable.
  9. Use glue to stick the oral cavity inside Mr. Bear's Mouth.
  10. Finished!


  1. I highly recommend printing on cardstock as it makes this activity much more durable.
  2. Any type is fine. However, you will need packing tape if you want to tape over the inside of the mouth so you can draw in some “yuck” for kids to physically brush off.
  3. For laminating the toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as teeth facts sheet.
  4. I prefer the 5mil laminating sheets because they are more sturdy and more durable.

That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this fun printable activity about tooth brushing! Be sure to check out some of our other printable activities that the kids will love:

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