Preschool goldfish addition worksheet

Goldfish Addition Worksheets for Preschool (Free PDF)

These goldfish addition worksheets for preschool are super fun kids to learn how to count and add numbers!

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Do your kids love goldfish crackers? Then they will have a blast with these fun and simple addition worksheets using little goldfish to learn how to add. At the end, kids will have learned simple addition skills without even realizing it! The best part? They get to gobble up goldfish crackers for snack time!

These addition worksheets for preschool really make learning addition fun and engaging!


Goldfish addition worksheets for preschool page 3 with goldfish placed in outline

These simple goldfish addition worksheets helps kids learn counting as well as adding skills.
Kids will count different numbered goldfish crackers and practice adding them together. Then, they will also practice writing out their numbers in the answer box.

Preschool Math Worksheet PDF

Shows all 10 worksheets in the PDF file. Goldfish addition worksheets for preschool.

In this PDF file, there are 10 black and white worksheets with 3 addition problems on every page.

First, kids will need to count and add up the two different numbers of goldfish in the left box.

addition for kindergarten. worksheet with goldfish placed on outline and number answers written.

Each of the goldfish that need to be added are the same size as a regular goldfish cracker and outlined with dashed lines. Kids can place an actual goldfish cracker inside the outlines as they count (this was my son’s favorite part!)

Next, the right column has an empty box for kids to write in their answers.

For little ones who are just learning addition for the first time, they will physically count the number of crackers they put in the left box to come up with the answer.

Over time, they start to remember number combinations such “1 plus 2 is three!” or “3 plus 3 is six” and don’t need to count every single cracker anymore.

What DO I Need For this Simple and Fun Addition Activity?

  • FREE GOLDFISH ADDITION WORKSHEET FOR PRESCHOOL – Available in the Free MindyMakes Resource Library. See next section for detailed instructions on how to download.
  • GOLDFISH CRACKERSI’m using the Colors Cheddar Crackers, but any regular sized goldfish crackers will work.
  • SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH – marker, pen, crayon.
  • PRINTER – print at home or at a print shop and you are ready to go!

FREE DOWNLOAD – Addition Worksheets for Preschool

addition for kindergarten. goldfish math worksheet with a family size pack of colored goldfish

To download this Goldfish Addition Worksheets, subscribe to the MindyMakes Email List and you’ll receive a welcome email with the password for the Mindy Makes Free Resource Library

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First, in the index of the MindyMakes Resource Library, scroll to the letter “G” and click to jump to that section.

Shows where to download goldfish addition math worksheets in index of free resource library

Once you are in section G, click on “PRINTABLE: Goldfish Addition Worksheets” and the PDF file will open for you to download and print.

Shows where to download goldfish addition math worksheets in section G of free resource library

Too Many Goldfish Crackers?

Worried the kiddos may be eating so many goldfish crackers that it’s ruining mealtimes? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Reuse the same goldfish crackers to complete several worksheets at a time (instead of letting them eat the goldfish after every worksheet)
  • Limit the number of goldfish crackers your kids can eat at a time. For example, after completing a worksheet, have the kids count out the number of crackers you are ok with them eating, and just let them eat those instead.
  • Give your kid a snack sized pack of goldfish crackers to use to complete a set number of worksheets. After they eat the crackers, there’s no more!
  • Or, just use the goldfish crackers as a “counting tool”. Give them a different snack of choice afterwards instead!

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to limit this activity to just goldfish crackers! You can also use cheerios, blueberries, gummy bears, or other small crackers your kids enjoy as a counting tool. Simply put the number you want the kids to add in two separate sections and ask them to add up the two numbers.

You can do this activity at a restaurant while waiting for food, on a plane ride, or pretty much anywhere. You won’t even need to remember to bring the goldfish math worksheets!

Leave me a comment below if you’d like to see similar math worksheets using other snack items!

Goldfish Addition Worksheet for Preschool

Preschool goldfish addition worksheet

Kids will have a blast learning to count and add with this fun and engaging addition worksheet using goldfish crackers. Print in the comfort of your home and you are ready to learn some math!




  1. Print Goldfish Addition Worksheets
  2. Place goldfish crackers in the dashed goldfish shaped outlines
  3. Add up the total number of goldfish
  4. Write the correct number of goldfish in the empty box on the right.
  5. Eat goldfish and repeat!

That’s it guys! I hope your kiddos enjoyed this fun addition worksheet to learn how to count and add! Be sure to check out some of our other printable activities that the kids will love:

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