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Pizza Counting Printable: Preschool Hands-on Math Activity (Free PDF)

A fun-filled pizza counting activity that will teach preschool kids to count, recognize numbers, and use problem solving skills. This DIY preschool hands-on math activity comes with free printable that comes together in 10 minutes!

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I love making DIY matching activities for my 3 year old! First of all, it’s a great way for him to learn through play, which is the ideal way for kids learn at this early age. Matching activities teach the concept of “same” and “different” so little kids can practice sorting the same items together and different items separately.

Secondly, it teaches kids problem solving skills as they practice the concept of organizing non-matching things into organized (matching) things.

Thirdly, I actually just love coming up with (and creating) these matching activities. It really is a lot of fun for me and I get to use up recycled items around the house and my kid gets to learn?! What a win-win-win situation! To make things easier for you, I’ve created a free printable for all of my toddler matching activities. All you have to do is print and stick!

How do You Teach Counting in a Fun Way?

There are just so many ways to teach little kids how to count in a fun and engaging way. The easiest ways are just to practice counting common things around the house. I love using berries and little snacks as kids can point to them and easily pick them up while counting. Here are some examples:

  1. Counting Gold Fish Crackers or Cheerios. When your little one asks for a snack, don’t just pour out some from a box or give them the bag. Instead, count each one as you hand it to them (or place it on their table/plate). Then ask them to count each one as they put it into their mouth. Cheer and clap excitedly every time they count another number correctly.
  2. Sharing Snacks. Pour out a handful of their favorite snack and ask them to share a specific number. For example “Can you give 3 cheerios with mommy?” and have them count out 3 to give you. Then ask them if they would like 3 cheerios as well, and you count out 3 cheerios to give them. This is a fun way to interact with little kids while practicing counting
  3. Recognizing Numbers using Snacks. Use number flash cards (or write numbers on paper) and show it to your child. Then ask them “what number is this?” and wait for them reply. If they are new to numbers, show them the number and tell them what it is. Then say “can you give mommy this many cheerios?” or “would you like to eat this number of cheerios?” and have them count the correct number. Then count each cheerio again as you (or the child) eats them one by one.
  4. Cutting Fruit. Take your child’s favorite fruit (banana, strawberries, etc.) and place a few in front of them. Then ask them how many of this specific fruit there are (for example, 2 strawberries). Then cut the strawberries into halves in front of the child and ask “How many pieces of strawberries are there now?”. Now ask the child “how many pieces will ______ eat?” and have them count each strawberry piece before putting it into their mouth.

Counting toys cars, blocks, crayons, etc are other items kids will find fun to count. When you go outside, you can count trees, flowers, leaves, cars. So many things!

If you want more preschool hands-on math activities that kids will love, check out the following:

FUn DIY Pizza Counting Activity With a Challenge

To make this pizza numeracy activity a little more challenging for 3-4 year olds, I decided to create it so they will match numbers in different forms. This means that instead of matching the number “1” to a pizza slice also with the number “1” on it, they have to match the number “1” with a pizza slice that has one pepperoni on it.

Pizza counting activity with pizza creation sheet

Additionally, instead of labeling the pizza slices in the box in numerical order, there’s a pizza creation card with numbers in random order for them to match. This takes a little more concentration and thought for little kids. First, they need to identify how the numbers are ordered on the pizza creation card. Then, they need to figure out the orientation of where to correctly put each pizza slice in the box. Definitely adds another dimension to a regular pizza counting activity!

What Do Preschool kids Learn from This Hands-on Math Activity?

preschool kid playing with pizza counting activity

In this pizza counting activity, Toddlers and preschool kids will first learn to recognize the numbers 1-8 on the pizza creation card. Next, they will have to place the pizza with the correct number of pepperonis in the box according to the pattern presented on this card.

To do this, kids will practice their counting skills to identify the number of pepperonis on each pizza slice. Then, they will use motor and problem solving skills to arrange each pizza slice in the box just like the pattern on the pizza puzzle.

What Do I need to Make Preschool Hands-on Math Activity?

materials to make easy diy pizza counting activity

For this fun little puzzle, you need the following:

  • FREE PIZZA COUNTING ACTIVITY PRINTABLE – Scroll to the bottom of the post to downloadI recommend printing on sticker paper as you can just cut and stick. However, regular paper works just fine too, just need to apply glue.
  • CARDBOARD – I recommend using thick cardboard (not a cereal box). Alternatively, you can also use a thick foam board (available at craft stores and Amazon).
  • PIZZA BOX (PERSONAL SIZE) – Save one next time you order an individual sized pizza from a pizza shop! I used a 10″ (25cm) box.
  • Glue Stickif not printing on sticker paper
  • Utility Knife
  • Craft Scissors

How to Make Fun Numeracy Activity for Preschoolers:

This little pizza activity is super super easy to make. From start to finish the DIY took less than 10 minutes!

First, print and cut out the Pizza Counting Activity printable. Scroll to the bottom of the post to subscribe and download.

Sticking pizza counting activity printable on cardboard

Next, glue or stick the pizza slices without the pepperonis on inside of the pizza box. Then, glue the pizza slices with pepperonis on a separate piece of thick cardboard.

Cutting cardboard pizza slices

Using a utility knife, cut out each slice of pizza.

pizza counting activity finished

You are done! Now gather up the little ones for some pizza math fun!

preschool kid playing with pizza counting numeracy activity

My 3 year old definitely enjoyed his pizza counting game! I also liked that he had to be a little more focused to figure out where to place each of the pizza pieces according to the pizza creation sheet. Learning to focus is such a good skill for all kids (and adults!) to have. I love that this activity challenges him to practice that skill.

The PIZZA COUNTING ACTIVITY PRINTABLE is available in our Free MindyMakes Resource Library, listed under section “P”. Subscribe here to get the password.

How to Make Fun Pizza Counting Activity

Pizza Number Match Activity For Preschool Featured Image

A fun little pizza counting activity that will teach preschool kids to count, recognize numbers, and use problem solving skills. This DIY preschool hands-on math activity comes with free printable that comes together in 10 minutes!



  1. Print and cut out the Pizza Counting Activity Printable.
  2. Glue or stick the pizza slices without the pepperonis on inside of the pizza box.
  3. Then, glue the pizza slices with pepperonis on a separate piece of cardboard or Foamboard
  4. Use a utility knife to cut out each slice of pizza.
  5. Finished!

But honestly, the best part about this activity for my little guy? Using the pizza pieces for pretend play! He has pretended to be a pizza delivery, had pizza picnic parties, and pretended to “eat” his cardboard pizza slices a hundred times already!

I hope your little one enjoys this activity as much as mine did. Happy DIY-ing!

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