Toddler Activity Day 3: Sticky Con-Tact Paper Art

Barnaby loves sticking his stickers everywhere, so when I saw this con-tact paper activity, I thought he might enjoy it.

Before this, I had never heard of Con-Tact paper and had to look it up. Turns out they are shelf-liners that have a sticky side for adhering to your shelf so you can put dishware and other items without dirtying/scratching your shelves. This project uses the sticky side of Con-Tact paper and allow your toddler to stick tissue paper shapes on it. Sounds easy? It sure is!


Different colored Tissue Paper
Con-Tact Paper (I got mine at Target)
Pom-Pom balls (just to add extra fun!)
Packing tape


For this project, I took a produce box from Costco and flipped it around as a “table”
LEFT: Cut a piece of Con-Tact paper the size of the table/surface you will be using.
MIDDLE: Remove backing paper so the sticky side faces up.
RIGHT: Tape down the edges of the paper onto the box. I only taped the corners.

Cut out shapes of tissue paper and let your toddler start sticking them to the Con-Tact paper box!


I also handed out some pom poms and let Barnaby stick them on the box.

To be honest, Barnaby didn’t enjoy this Con-Tact paper activity very much. It lasted a max of 5 minutes with me busily cutting tissue paper shapes on the side…


Once the Pom Poms came out, he became MUCH more interested in picking up the balls and putting them into a plastic container than the Con-Tact paper, or tissue paper. As a result of this trial, we now have a daily Pom Pom ball play time where he would transfer pom poms arounds from different containers.

This project may last longer if there were also other kids also sticking tissue paper shapes (as it showed from the original site I found this activity on)…but for our little Barnaby, Pom Pom balls were the way to go!

Overall: a FAIL….however, I did discover his love for Pom Pom balls, so it wasn’t completely wasted. We may have to wait until he’s a bit older to try this activity again.

Ah! Toddlers are hard to please!

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