Father’s Day Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

These father’s day coloring pages are a great activity for kids to color and gift to dad. Includes 4 designs for kids to choose from. Simply print and use!

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Looking for a fun and quiet activity for kids to do for dad this father’s day? These father’s day coloring pages are exactly what you need!

First, there are 4 designs with text and cute graphics that you (or your kids) get to choose from. Next, just download the printable and print on regular white printer paper. Then, it’s time for the kids to roll up their sleeves and let their creativity flow! Finally, kids get to gift their masterpiece to dad to express their love and appreciation for all that dad does!

Coloring Pages for Father’s Day

father's day coloring pages

These coloring pages come in 4 adorable designs that are all unique and different. Two of the coloring pages have the text “Happy Father’s Day” surrounded by cute graphics of different items that dad loves or frequently uses.

The third design has the text “Dad You Are My Super Hero” with super hero icons images to color in.

Finally, the fourth coloring page has the text “Super Hero Daddy You are the Best!” on a coffee mug design.

In your PDF download, you will find 3 coloring pages in portrait view and one page in landscape view. Choose the one that you like the most, or print them all!

What Do I Need For This Father’s Day Activity?

To print and make this easy Father’s Day Coloring Activity, you will only need a few supplies:

  • PRINTABLE FATHER’S DAY COLORING PAGES – See end of post for how to download

printable father’s day coloring pages

To download these adorable father’s day coloring pages, subscribe to the MindyMakes Email List to receive the password for the Mindy Makes Free Resource Library.

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Need more help? Be sure to check out this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to get the password, enter the library, and download the PDF.

Once inside the library, you will find the printable listed under section ‘F’ as “Father’s Day Coloring Pages“. Click on the blue “PDF” button to download.

Next, print the coloring page design you like on regular white printer paper, in black and white. Or, print all the pages for extra fun!

Let your kids color in the pages and decorate as they like. Finally, give it to dad on Father’s Day for a special, DIY gift made by the kids. Dad’s going to love it!

ready-to-Print Father’s Day Coloring Cards

Want to give dad a DIY Father’s Day Card that you can write in? These “Super Dad” coloring cards are the perfect gift!

These coloring cards come in two variations, a diamond shape cutout (upper right) and a explosion shape cutout (lower left). Simply print them out on white cardstock paper, color, and assemble. You will have a handmade card to make dad feel SUPER on Father’s Day this year!

Grab Yours Today!

More Ideas to Make this a Special Gift

In addition to just coloring the sheets and giving it to dad on father’s day, here are a few other ways to make the coloring sheets look even nicer!

  • Print on white card stock – for more durability
  • Print on regular printer paper and laminate. I love my laminating machine. Use 5 mil for extra durability and 3 mil for regular protection. Otherwise, use these self-adhesive laminating sheets if you don’t have a laminating machine.
  • Punch two holes at the top of the laminated sheets and tie a ribbon to create a hanging loop – This way, dad can hang it up!
  • Print and put in a Picture Frame

More Father’s Day Printables

Looking for more fun father’s day printables? You won’t want to miss these:

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