21+ Fun and Easy Christmas Gifts to Sew for Kids

Make the kids and grand kids in your life feel super special this Christmas by sewing them a homemade gift. These 21+ Easy gifts to sew for kids will inspire you to get your DIY grooves on!

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Have you ever asked yourself “What can I Sew for my children or Grandchildren?”. Christmas is just around the corner and sewing homemade gifts for the beloved kids in your life is such a special thing to do.

I’m OBSESSED with sewing gifts for my friends and family. First of all, homemade gifts are one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere. Secondly, I get to make the gift ultra special by personalizing it according to their personalities or putting their names on it. Again, you can’t buy that in a store! Finally, it saves me a ton of money and also the pressure to “compete” with other people’s store-bought gifts.

Have I convinced you that you need to sew your own Christmas gifts this year too? Haha, no pressure at all…but once you check out this list of DIY gifts to sew, you will want to make some yourself too!

Easy Sewing Projects for Gifts

The Following DIY sewing projects includes bags, plush toys, play foods, nap mats, and more! You can personalize these easy sewing gifts by adding Applique Initials or names to make them extra special. Every time I’ve gifted someone with a personalized gift it’s always been extremely well received.

Check out How to Fabric letter Applique for a step-by-step tutorial.

New to Sewing? Check out the following Guides to Get you Started!

FUN Christmas Gifts to Sew for Kids

Almost all of these Christmas Gift ideas include a PDF sewing pattern with step-by-step sewing tutorials. The ones without a PDF pattern include measurements and instructions for you to draw out the pattern. These sewing tutorials are perfect for beginners and make awesome Christmas gifts for kids.


This Toy Car Carrier is great for stowing little cars on the go and makes the perfect homemade gift for kids and grandkids. It even comes with a portable roads play mat kids can drive their cars around.

If you don’t want to sew your own road, there are lots of super cute playmat fabrics. My favorite is this one from Spoonfabric.

To make it extra special, add the kids name on the front via Applique, or use a Cricut machine if you have one!

2. Felt Toy Truck From Make it Love It

This is a great sewing project to make for kids who love vehicles. Add one of the recommended books to make this a super special Christmas gift, or for any gifting occasion. Your child can hold his/her homemade truck as you guys read the book together. What a special time of bonding!

I’m definitely adding this to my list of “things to sew”.

3. Felt Truck Advent Calendar From Studio DIY

This Felt Truck Advent Calendar is just adorable beyond words! Every pocket has a small felt present that you take out and put behind the big truck each day, making it a complete picture by Christmas.

I will admit (and even Studio DIY agrees) that this is not a quick sewing project. However, it will last many years and the kiddos will be excited to pull it out every December to start their annual Christmas countdown.


DIY Headband finished, adult and girls size. Bow is tied next to adult size DIY headband

Sew one, two or more of these simple knotted bow headbands in every color and design to match your kids outfits. These homemade headbands are super easy to sew if you are looking for a last minute DIY Christmas gift. They are even great for older girls (teens and tweens).

Sewing tutorial includes free pattern for knotted bow and headband (size infant – adult).

5. FELT QUIETBOOK from All The Quiet Things

These felt quiet books make awesome Christmas gifts to sew for toddlers. At All The Quiet Things, there is a version for girls and one for boys. You can also even glue some of the felt pieces instead of sewing them for a last minute DIY gift.

Add your child’s name to the front of the book to make it extra special!


Pajamas are such useful gifts for kids, not to mention how extra special they are when they’re homemade! If there are multiple kids you need Christmas gifts for this year, make matching sets for everyone!

These pajamas are made with knit fabric, but don’t let that deter you! Once you get used to sewing knits, you may find that you prefer it to sewing woven fabrics (say goodbye to frayed edges).

If you’re new to sewing knits, check out this sewing tutorial on How to Sew Knits and Stretchy Fabric before you begin.

7. MOUSE SLIPPERS from Make it Love It

Who can say no to a cozy pair of Mouse slippers during the Christmas season? This is an adorable Christmas gift to sew for toddlers and older children. You can always modify the slippers to your child’s favorite animal or character to make them extra special. Or make the slippers without ears and simply add your child’s name letter via Fabric Letter Applique.


coloring book and crayon holder Finished with colorin

This Coloring Book and Crayon Tote is such a great sewing gift idea for all the future little artists in your life. If you have a child or grandchild who loves coloring or drawing, then you need to make this!

The holder is also easily personalized by adding your child’s name on the front. This is great in case your child misplaces it at school or daycare so that it can be easily returned to them.


How to Make Custom Plush Finished

Every kid loves a softie, so why not make them a custom one? This is a fun and adorable Christmas gift to sew for toddlers and school aged children! Learn how to sew a custom plushie with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Instructions start from how to design and draft the pattern all the way to sewing the actual plush.

If you simply want to sew the bear that’s pictured, the sewing tutorial comes with a free pattern. You can even sew little outfits for Mr. Bear, or put a little Santa Hat on him for the occasion!

10. SOCK SLOTH from Craft Passion

Who can resist this adorable sloth softie made from warm and fuzzy socks! Craft Passion also sells the chenille socks she used to make this sloth so yours can look exactly like hers.

Keep in mind that this is not going to be a last minute DIY gift to sew as you need to make 12 little sloth toes and fingers! However, there tons of other cute sock animal tutorials on her site so check it out for more inspiration.

11. COZY FLEECE BLANKET from MindyMakes

Finished custom name blankets

Blankets are so cozy and a very practical gift for everyone, big kids and small. I highly recommend adding the kid’s name to the blanket to make it their own personal blanket. Kiddos will feel super special to receive such a custom gift and will use it for years to come!

12. MERMAID TAIL BLANKET from See Kate Sews

This cute mermaid tail blanket sewing tutorial comes with easy step-by-step instructions and a free pattern to wow the mermaid loving child in your life. I would say this is a great Christmas gift to sew for school-aged kids who enjoy cuddling up in a cozy blanket to read, draw, or pretend play that they are a mermaid!

13. UNICORN HOODED TOWEL from MindyMakes

DIY Unicorn Hooded Towel Finished with Fabric Letter Applique Name

Make bath time extra special by gifting kids with a Personalized Unicorn Hooded Towel. Not into unicorns? Check out How to Make a Basic Hooded Towel instead. This is another easy gift to sew for kids and toddlers.

You can always change it up by making the hooded towel your child’s favorite animal or character. Or simply make a basic hooded towel and applique their name on it. I’ve made so many of these towels over the years because they are such an easy sewing project for gifts. On top of that, parents STILL tell me that their kids love using it.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which Christmas gift to sew for your kid this year, this one is definitely a winner!

14. LEOPARD NAP MAT from A Beautiful Mess

Naps are SOOO important to a kid’s well-being (mental and physical), so why not make them a special Leopard Nap Mat to make nap times more fun? This is another great Christmas gift to sew for toddlers. You can even customize the animal to your child’s favorite by modifying the pattern.

15. FELT FRIED EGGS from MindyMakes

Finished crackle felt fried eggs with carton of egg featured image

If you child has a toy kitchen then they definitley NEED their own a set of felt eggs that crack open. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast? Check. Eggs and steak for dinner? Check. This is a great last minute Christmas gift you can make as the whole project only takes 5-10 minutes depending on how many eggs you make.

Sewing tutorial also comes with free egg patterns and a no-sew option.

16. SHAREABLE FRUITS from MindyMakes

If you need to add some fruits to your kid’s play kitchen, this is the perfect gift! Additionally, kids can learn to share with as the felt oranges and apples have velcro sewn to them. This way, you can “cut” them in half. Little kids can practice sharing with each other (or you) using these cute fruits and then toss you a fruit salad afterwards.

17. PRETEND PLAY FOOD from MindyMakes

Pretend Play Food Fish Lettuce Burger Eggs Carrots Applies Oranges Baquette

The holidays is such a perfect time for pretend play food, as there is so much eating and cooking going on that kids will want to join in! This pretend play food set includes burgers, carrots, fish, and lettuce to make it a whole meal. Another easy Christmas gift to sew for the kiddos that they will love playing with over and over.

18. FUN WHALE ZIPPER POUCH from MindyMakes


Another great beginner sewing project that kids will love! This cute whale zippered pouch can be used to stash snacks, crayons, or other school supplies. Don’t be intimidated by zippers as there are step-by-step instructions on how to install one . The sewing tutorial shows you how to make a lined zipper pouch, but you can always make it unlined if you are short on time

19. PENCIL POUCH from MindyMakes

DIY pencil pouch featured image

Doesn’t this Pencil Pouch just scream “Sew Me! Sew Me!”? This easy sewing project is a great gift for school-aged children who need to carrying around writing or art supplies. I absolutely love the idea of personalizing the pouches by adding your kid’s names onto the pencils pouches. You can also appliqué or embroider the first letter of their names or their initials on as well. I can’t think of a kid who won’t be thrilled to receive this gift!

20. MAGNETIC FISH GAME from MindyMakes

Shows magnetic fishing rod with 5 magnetic foam fish in different colors

Another great last minute DIY Christmas gift for kids as this requires no sewing! Ok, I know the title is about Christmas Gifts to sew for Kids…but hear me out. This homemade gift can also easily be sewn if you use felt fabric instead of foam. Just cute two fish pattern out of felt, glue a magnet inside and sew around the border. You can also put some polyester fiberfill (stuffing) inside the fish before sewing it shut.

Trust me, the kids will have a blast fishing indoors this year!


This is another great Christmas gift to sew for kids and grandkids as it is perfect for the occasion. Put small presents in each of the stockings so kids can wake up each day of Advent for a small surprise as they countdown to Christmas.

Now you finally have the perfect reason to use up all those cute Christmas fabric scraps you don’t know what to do with.

22. DIY TEEPEE TENT from All Free Sewing

Kids love to play in tents. And with just a few materials, you can build a sturdy DIY Teepee Tent for them to spend hours in. This beats the cheap popup tents with flimsy wiring that you find at the stores.

Just note that the tutorial has very basic instructions and minimal step-by-step photos. However, there’s enough text and description that you can figure out how to make it. I think this is such a great Christmas gift to sew for kids as you know they will LOVE it!

23. 3D FELT CHRISTMAS TREE from MindyMakes

Kids will have so much fun with this 3D Felt Christmas Tree that they can decorate themselves. Tutorial includes pattern for felt tree as well as templates for making no sew felt ornaments. The kids will also love this felt tree because it’s perfectly their sized.

That’s it guys! I hope this list inspired you sew some homemade gifts for the kids this year. Let me know in the comments which one(s) were your favorite! Happy Sewing!

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